I might have a thousand memories to be happy about. However, I will never forget about this particular one.

In 2010, before my high school, I went on a holiday with my sister. It might sound like no big deal to everyone else but it was to me. My parents never let me go anywhere without them, but that time they did.

This time, we went to Cox’s Bazar beach. It is in Bangladesh. Heard it is the longest beach in the world and I was curious to see what the fuss was all about. My sister’s office arranged the whole trip. I was so excited that I couldn’t even eat.

The journey was bitter pleasant. We almost died in a car accident. However, luckily, we did not. I sat in the middle of the empty road for hours taking photos until they fixed the car.

When we were close to the city, we saw rose gardens beside the road and occasionally houses of aboriginal people. Just before we entered the city, we saw the ocean. We were coming downwards from a hill road so it gave us an illusion kind of like being in an ocean. It was super amazing.

After a while, we checked into a rest house. After changing, we rushed to the beach. Actually, there are several beaches in one giant beach. It is so big that they had to name the portions. I had to know what the fuss was all about. It is so big that you cannot see the end of it. It was so calm and beautiful. Well of course, you don’t get facilities here like Miami and bikini probably isn’t a good choice of clothing here. Nevertheless, it is worth it.

Some kids were selling seashells. Their age would not be more than 6-7 years and the word “poverty” invisibly tattooed right on their faces. But, I don’t think I have ever seen anyone so happy without having much. Their faces give you hope to live. As if they were screaming from the inside, “you always have something to be happy about.” I bought everything they were selling. Surprisingly, they wanted to take photos with me. I never thought kids like me. Last time I had to deal with a kid, threw mud on my face. After a while, there was a sunset. It was nothing like I’ve ever seen.

After a while, we returned to our hotel with exhaustion, but with a face-splitting grin on our faces. I hate seafood but my sister made me taste it. She said something about “Cox’s Bazar special” or something like that. It wasn’t that bad.

The next day, we started for the St. Martin Island. It was a stormy day, but we wouldn’t have the opportunity again. Our boat was about to sink for few times but thankfully it didn’t. By that time, I was convinced that accidents follow me everywhere. Like in the movies, there was a wine bottle was floating on the water. I wondered if it had a message in it. After a few hours, we reached our destination. It was very different from Cox’s Bazar. This beach had its own kinds of beauty. It is like one of those beaches made out of rocks. But it was not. It was a coral beach. Actually, they call it “The Coral Beach” in Bangladesh. Despite of almost dying, we were very happy. The coconuts were huge. When we were doing our lunches, I couldn’t help but wonder how they cooked it. The food was delicious. Thankfully, it was chicken.

We saw some kids were selling corals here like the ones we saw on our first day. These kids are super happy. Like before, I bought everything they were selling. Personally, I throw away seashells and corals, which I was going to do with the lot I bought. But a few bucks help these kids to buy their food for a day or two. So when it wasn’t a big deal for me, it was a big deal to them.

After staying for 2 hours, the boat crew warned us to hurry as there was a storm coming. Thankfully, we made it back before the storm could catch us. I just realized that time, my sis was afraid of boat rides. She was especially afraid for me. My family thinks accidents are following me too. Well, thank God I am not the only one who thinks that.

We returned home after staying for three days as my sis had her office. She is in a big position, hence I could only guess the work load. After coming home, I thought of throwing away the seashells and coral several times. But for some reason, I didn’t. Instead, I washed them and kept them with me as a reminder of this trip. And I was right. My sis got too busy with her work afterwards that it was my last trip with her. But it was an unforgettable one. And, the seashells are still with me.


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I feel weird filling up this section. So bear with me! I'm 22 years old. Currently doing Chartered Accountancy. I might have some books on kindle. I try to learn a bunch of odd things. English is not my first language. Don't worry, I won't go all "Forgive me for my grammatical errors. My first language is not English" on you. I can speak in three languages, excluding the native language. I also know Morse code. So, if you need to send a message through telegraph while time traveling, I'm your girl. And oh, I'm a Chelsea fan. Ps. I took most of the pictures from Google. I love meet new people. So here's my facebook:

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2 thoughts on “Seashells”

  1. Generally a well written post. There are a couple of grammer/spelling mistakes, but nothing that detracts from the pleasantness of the story. My opinion is the last couple of lines can totally set or change the tone of the story. Is your sis too busy to go on a trip, or has she transitioned out of this life? Different meanings here will make all the difference in this article.


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