The aftermath of a good book

What happens after you have finished a good book? Let me tell you what happens to me. I start imagining myself in the same position as the author. Recently I read “The Glass Castle: A memoir” by Jeannette Walls. While I was reading the book; I couldn’t shake the feeling of being miserable. It was as if I lived in Welch wherever that is and I was sitting right in the middle of the author’s half broken house. It felt like I was invisible and living among them. I could literally feel their struggle and heartbreaks. Even though I was reading the novel comfortably sitting in my room which I’m currently redecorating. It was as if the paintings on my walls were torn out. Something is terribly wrong with me, I know! I started my blog just after reading the book. I still feel terrible from the inside thinking what people go through in their lives. Well, anyone can clearly notice the after effect of The Glass Castle in my writings. But in the end, the book teaches us how not to give up even if you have the most miserable life. Cheers to that!


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I feel weird filling up this section. So bear with me! I'm 22 years old. Currently doing Chartered Accountancy. I might have some books on kindle. I try to learn a bunch of odd things. English is not my first language. Don't worry, I won't go all "Forgive me for my grammatical errors. My first language is not English" on you. I can speak in three languages, excluding the native language. I also know Morse code. So, if you need to send a message through telegraph while time traveling, I'm your girl. And oh, I'm a Chelsea fan. Ps. I took most of the pictures from Google. I love meet new people. So here's my facebook:

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14 thoughts on “The aftermath of a good book”

  1. I completely agree that you can tell a really good book (or movie) by how strongly it resonates with you for days and sometimes weeks after the fact…like a strange, lingering dream. The one that sticks with me the most is Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes (one of my favourites) – I still clearly recall these vivid dreams I had when I first read it, where I would reach for a bottle from the shelf I kept my liquor at the time, and in my mind I was aware that it was only morning, but I needed that drink…it was as if I had subconsciously taken on Rachel’s alcoholism (thankfully I hadn’t)!

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  2. Hi Afrin! I really liked this post, both the message and the writing itself. Not only have I experienced this hazy feeling of being in another world after I close a good book, but if the book has been really powerful, I can’t pick up another for a while…or if I do, it’s in a completely different genre. Thanks for sharing this!

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  3. That’s a great book! I almost found myself confusing it with fiction when I was reading it… incredibly well written and an important story to be told. The same thing happens to me when I finish reading a book, and I often find myself writing in the style of the author – which is kind of weird, but makes sense I guess since the voice inside my head (writing muse?) has been reading another voice. Anyways, great post! 🙂


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