Different versions of us

That day a neighbor was complaining about how cruel the world is. According to her, everyone is a devil of course without a horn and a tail. I had to disagree with her, of course. I am probably not as old as she is, but I have met my share of people. Most of them were very nice and helpful. I remember when a complete stranger helped me during a riot; how someone arranged my certificates on the day of my university admission when I was a mess. The list goes on. All I am trying to say is, how can we make an issue out of someone’s flaws and overlook his strengths? No one can be a saint. On that note, a saint is a saint because people chose to overlook his flaws. We all know the story of six blind men and an elephant. They all described the elephant differently. They all described certain parts of the elephant. They all thought they were right, but the face is, an elephant is made of big ears, a giant trunk, pillar like legs and an enormous body just like flaws and strengthsย make a complete human. Aren’t we all like the elephant here?


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