The city of ruins

It was a typical day of summer. I was sitting on my computer daydreaming. My mother was snoring softly. Suddenly the ground beneath me started shaking. Thought I was probably feeling dizzy for over-stress or something. But no. It was an earthquake; rather a mild one. Mom came running into my room urging to go outside. But I thought I would rather wait it out. The truth is, I was too lazy to get up from my chair. I thought my mother likes to panic over absolutely nothing. After a while, I turned on the TV hoping to catch up previous day’s game and all I saw was what remained of a once beautiful country Nepal. It was very painful to watch and imagine what they must be going through. Frankly, I do not intend to experience that to myself. But what would anyone think in that position? I don’t know for whom my heart aches the most – those who have lost their lives or those who have their loved ones disappear under rubbles before their eyes and could do nothing. I can relate to the pain they’re feeling deep inside of their chests. The pain caused by loss and helplessness; what you could have done to save the one you never imagined you’d live without. Some nuts said, “It’s God’s will.” How can the loss of eight thousand people be God’s will? I almost punched a senior for saying that. Now I feel crippled just by watching the news. I feel the loss of those souls and also feel helpless thinking if there was anything I could do to save every one of them. I know the fact that, I am only human who cannot fight a natural disaster. And, I live thousands of miles away. But the heart doesn’t have a mind to reason with facts. Even though I am not really what you call religious, I do pray for them – for those who have lived and bear the loss of their loved ones with them.


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I feel weird filling up this section. So bear with me! I'm 22 years old. Currently doing Chartered Accountancy. I might have some books on kindle. I try to learn a bunch of odd things. English is not my first language. Don't worry, I won't go all "Forgive me for my grammatical errors. My first language is not English" on you. I can speak in three languages, excluding the native language. I also know Morse code. So, if you need to send a message through telegraph while time traveling, I'm your girl. And oh, I'm a Chelsea fan. Ps. I took most of the pictures from Google. I love meet new people. So here's my facebook:

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4 thoughts on “The city of ruins”

  1. I pray for the people of Nepal too – those who have lost their lives, and those who grieve their loss. No-one knows why disasters happen, but I think we should not be too quick to apportion blame. If we can help, let’s help. If we cannot, then we pray. You have a good heart.

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      1. Absolutely! No-one can be blamed for a natural disaster. It is hard to watch what others are going through and even harder to accept that these things happen and that we cannot understand why they happen. As I said before, all we can do is help if we can.


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