The next perfect line

“Writer’s block” these two words used to be my fantasy. I remember thinking like “what is it like to feel like? Is it even possible?” When I was almost half done with my book, my fantasy decides to turn into reality. In simple words, I’m stuck. It’s not as heavenly as I imagined it to be neither cursed. Not cursed because it saved me. Before my head used to be buried in financial reports of various companies while my heart used to calculate taxes. I was a funny creature, I must say. Now when I face writer’s block, it is actually the time when I am too curious to know what happens next. This one question “where to go from here?” starts spinning in my head like a movie. When I write two lines after two months every part of my body starts dancing. It doesn’t matter if it’s worth reading, but for me, there’s nothing compared to this feeling. I can say, it has been like finding a flashlight in a very dark room.


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I feel weird filling up this section. So bear with me! I'm 22 years old. Currently doing Chartered Accountancy. I might have some books on kindle. I try to learn a bunch of odd things. English is not my first language. Don't worry, I won't go all "Forgive me for my grammatical errors. My first language is not English" on you. I can speak in three languages, excluding the native language. I also know Morse code. So, if you need to send a message through telegraph while time traveling, I'm your girl. And oh, I'm a Chelsea fan. Ps. I took most of the pictures from Google. I love meet new people. So here's my facebook:

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10 thoughts on “The next perfect line”

  1. Hopefully you break the block! Good luck on your writing and hopefully this day will start the new beginning. Also, really like your Theme and the image for this post is awesome too.

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  2. I can really feel your passion for writing. I am still trying to discover the desire to write something everyday, but it is really hard. I am all of 3,000 words into my first book and I am already stuck. Good luck on future writing.

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  3. I know what you mean. I have been feeling this “Writer’s Block” for about 5 years now until I just decided to start writing whatever. I guess in my quest of writing the perfect line, I was, to some extent, creating the block myself.
    Good Luck with your writing. And I must say, lovely choice on the theme.

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