Rainbow after a big storm

First of all, Congratulations USA for getting the law passed. I would say it’s about time but I won’t. I don’t live there but believe me I am no less elated. At least it’s a start. I couldn’t help but notice how many people don’t support the cause. Let me ask you something.. have you ever loved anyone? Someone who made you feel beautiful and you felt an electricity when s/he kissed you? And had them snatched before your eyes? That heart wrenching pain.. did that feel good? I have a clear idea of how it feels and I wish no one would ever experience such horrible feeling. It is perfectly alright to love and have that connection with anyone your heart chooses doesn’t matter the gender. Some might think they’re following the righteous path; God’s path. I cannot recite a thousand years old scripture and expect to progress (no offense to any religion). Sometimes you have to forsake the religion for the sake of humanity. Take the good things of a religion; not the bad ones. I am very tempted to bring the example of Nazism and their numbers. And, also, how black people were considered less than human 100 years ago. Giving back their rights seemed absurd to tons of people. But was it? After 50 years when I will look back, at least I will know that I stood in the right side of the history.