I see humans but no humanity

I know it’s not 16th century anymore and atheism or whatever you may call it, is perfectly normal. But you have to understand, when you grow up in a very religious atmosphere and also the youngest child of the family, there’s always a pressure to fit in. The idea of religion has always been funny to me. I don’t like the term “atheism” either. It sounds full of negativity. Well, I don’t not believe in God. I don’t want to corrupt the purity of my feelings with two thousand years old hypocrisy. I believe in humans and humanity; I believe in love. And, let’s not talk about the devil. We sometimes cannot face our own actions so we created an evil fantasy to blame and named it devil. Poor fellow.

As I said, I was brought up by very religious parents. I have to keep pretending to be a religious minded person when I know this is nothing but just some nonsense. One of my siblings once told me “I’m ashamed of you” when I was younger. My mother thinks that I have a disease and keeps praying to God to cure. I know, the height of irony right? So yeah, I’m used to getting bullied by my own family. Turns out, in a town crawling with closed minded people, it’s a pretty big deal. Who would guess, right? In some countries, extremist stab people for being an atheist or agnostic, whatever you call it. I have read almost all the major religious scriptures. They are filled with.. (I don’t know any decent term for “bullshit”). So much negativity! People are killing or bullying each other in the name of religion. I wouldn’t name any particular religion because this has been going on longer than any current religion. I still don’t understand, what’s the point in all of these? Why can’t we be just humans? No tags. Just Humans.